Northrim Weather

We have a Wireless Vantage Vue Weather Station on our roof. It is hooked up to our MacOS X Server, which is running the open-source Meteo package to collect all the data into a MySQL database. Every 5 minutes we send the data to our page at the Weather Underground and to our page at the Citizen's Weather Observer Program. The Meteo package also produces the historical weather graphs for 6715 Northrim Lane. (Using Bing maps).

This is a small picture of Pikes Peak from our house and a big one. This page shows a time lapse of the view since midnight.

Weather Conditions

Outside Temperature -- Last 32 hours
The red curve shows the temperature. The blue curve shows the dew point, the temperature at which dew begins to form.

Day/Week/Month Weather Graphs

This page shows the output of our solar panel installation (Also embedded below).